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Tom Brokaw is a well-established and a respected journalist and anchor of American nationality who has been known for being the managing editor of the NBC Nightly News and well as the author of many bestselling books. Tom Brokaw net worth certainly has to be a great amount because of the fact that he has had almost a four-decade long career in the field of television and journalism which is surely set to last in the days to come. He has been known for being the only persona to be the host of the three major NBC News programs like Meet the Press, NBC Nightly News, and The Today Show.


V was born on the 6th of February, 1940 as Thomas John Brokaw. Tom Brokaw age as of  now is known to be 76 years and he was born in Webster, South Dakota. His parents are Eugenia Conley and Anthony Orville Brokaw. He has two brothers.

Childhood and Education

As a child, Tom Brokaw attended the Yankton Senior High school after moving around several schools because of the career of his father. He then moved on to study at the University of Iowa but dropped out after he failed to keep up to his studies.


Tom Brokaw’s journalism career started in the year 1960 with the KTIV-TV where he worked for 2 years. He held the position of a weatherman and staff announcer. He then moved on to become the reporter for the KMTV-TV on 1962. He held the position for the same for duration of three years up until 1965. He moved on to join the WSB-TV on 1965 where he was the anchor for the late evening news. Since 1966, Tom Brokaw has been the anchor of NBC News and Tom Brokaw net worth has increased particularly for his work in the NBC News.

In the NBC News, Tom Brokaw has been the West Coast correspondent as well as the anchor for KNBC. He also held the position of the White House correspondent for the NBC Nightly News. He is also the anchor of the Today Show as well as the co-anchor of NBC Nightly since 1973 to 2004. He is the special correspondent as well as the contributing anchor for the channel since 2004. He is now the moderator of Meet the Press since 2008.

Tom Brokaw books are also extremely famous amongst his fans. He has written books like The Greatest Generation, An album of Memories, A Long Way from Home, Galen Rowell, Boom! Voices of the Sixties, The Time of Our Lives, and Christmas from Heaven and A Lucky Life Interrupted.

Personal Life and Marriage

Tom Brokaw has been married since a long time and is now of the few celebrities who has not had changes in his married life and girlfriend history. He started dating author and Miss South Dakota of 1959 Meredith Lynn Auld. The couple got married in the year 1962 and the relationship of the couple has been getting along pretty well ever since. The happily married couple has three daughters together.

Tom Brokaw daughters are Jennifer, Andrea, and Sarah. Tom Brokaw dating history is empty except for his current wife; he has never been known to have cheated on her or to have hooked up with anyone else throughout his career. He certainly seems to be devoted to his wife.  The couple lives in a ranch near Liningston, Montana.

On 2013, Tom Brokaw was diagnosed with multiple myelomas and despite this fact, he continues working in the NBC. He is currently under treatment as it has been said that his cancer is in full remission since 2014.

Net Worth and Achievements

Tom Brokaw net worth has increased considerably because of his four-decade long career that has managed to accumulate the interest and attention of a huge number of fans. Tom Brokaw net worth has been known to be a whopping 70 million dollars as of now. Tom Brokaw net worth of 70 million makes him one of the highest-paid celebrities or journalists on the television fraternity. His salary is about a million dollars per year and that amount has continued along for several years him to be able to attain this amount of net worth.

Tom Brokaw is the recipient of several awards and achievements, Tom Brokaw won the Peabody Award in the year 1989 for his report on To Be an American. He is also the recipient of the Alfred I DuPont-Columbia University Awards and has won seven Emmy Awards for his career. He has also been the recipient of several other awards including the likes of Dennis Kauff Memorial Award, Lowell Thomas Award, American Legion Award, Fred Friendly First Amendment Award, Paul White Award, Walter Cronkite Award and much more.

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