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Wilmer Valderrama is an actor, producer, singer and television personality of American nationality. He is known best for appearing as Fez in That 70’s Show as well as for his role as Carlos Madrigal in From dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He has also been known as the host of the MTV series Yo Momma. Another endeavor of this persona is to be the voice behind the character of Manny in the show Handy Manny. A native of Miami, Florida, his parents are Sobeida and Balbino A. Valderrama according to Wilmer Valderrama biography. The bio of Wilmer is searched by all his fans around the world, who also do not forget to search the information in regards to his personal life.
As far as Wilmer Valderrama Ex-girlfriends are to be considered, the information and names of these beauties has been very well known by his fans around the world. It has been known that Christina Millian was Wilmer ex-girlfriend after they dated on 1998. He also dated Ariana Richards on 1999 and Jennifer Love Hewitt was also considered to be her girlfriend at one time. He also dated Mandy Moore from 2000 to 2002 and Lindsay Lohan was his love at around 2004. Ashlee Simpson was dating him at around 2005, Ex girlfriends list of Wilmer also includes names like Rihanna and Avril Lavinge. Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are currently dating and thus they are a couple now. Their relationship has been running pretty smooth as of now and there seems to be no problem between them.
Wilmer has net worth of a whopping 18 million dollars, which has led him to attain widespread acclaim and has managed to provide for him, the chance to buy properties and houses all around the U.S.A. Wilmer Valderrama house has been found to be in several locations. It has been known that he is the owner of a house in Tarzana, Calif worth 3.495 million dollars. it consists of a 2.2 acre property with main house with three bedrooms, guest house with two bedrooms and a office as well as a gym. He also owns a property in Hollywood Hills with a price rated for about 8 million dollars. this bachelor pad is a 2 bedroom house with superb furnishings. Valderrama has certainly grabbed a high end style of living due to his acting credits.

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